Significant effort have been deploys in recent years to promote youth entrepreneurship at nationallevel.
Numerous countries now count on policies that support youth entrepreneurship, mainly through education
and skills development in the schooling system, and comprehensive packages offering multiple
services such as training,  financial support, bushiness advisory services, mentoring and coaching.


COUNTRY REPORTS to analyse innovation, entrepreneurship and e-commerce through field research, literature review, questionnaires, focus group studies along with face to face visits in order to determine the countries current place on the issue in European Union and in the world.


E-GUIDE for innovative young entrepreneurs. A global definition of e-commerce, entrepreneurship and innovation will take place in the guide along with significant steps such as preparing of ecommerce substructure, operating e-commerce portal and competition process will be elaborated in the guide. 


E TRAINING; Training materials will be prepared in interactive form to increase their effectiveness.
Using technology while preparing the materials will be much more useful for the people compared toclassical presentation methods.

Digital StartUp

A digital “startup” section which aimed to improve innovation among youth serves in the web portal, by the help of the e-startup section youth can be able to develop any innovative idea and can implement it to the world market. A digital “startup” section which supplies to improve innovation among youth serves in the web portal, by the help of the e-startup section youth can be able to develop any innovative idea and can serve it to the world market. To be able to serve this, the forum hosts such things as instant messaging, file sharing etc.

“The European Union is the world’s most successful invention for advancing peace.”

John Bruton

The good thing about the European Union is that the joint project ultimately benefits all Member States and not just a few.
Jean-Claude Juncker

The European Union can easily be described as the best prepared region in the world. 
Markos Kyprianou


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