Manisa Valiligi

Local Public body


The Manisa Valiliği was established at the end of the 1800s and it was named as Manisa

Governorate after the declaration of the republic. It was restructured by the provincial administration

law. The Manisa Valiliği provides service by one governor, seven deputy governors and 64 staff. It is

the local representative of the ministries of central organisation and responsible for the monitoring the

local implementations. The Governor of the province represents all the ministers at local level. Thus,

the governorate is the top local body provincial wide and it can cooperate and coordinate with almost

all the public bodies in Manisa. Manisa province has 17 districts, and district governors work under

the support of the governorate. Manisa governorate is responsible for supervising all the institutions,

and if necessary can assign any tasks. Each district and institution are in one deputy governor’s

responsibility. Manisa European Union Projects and Coordination Centre works under Manisa

Valiliği. One deputy governor runs this department with a coordinator and three project experts. It

provides not only counselling about the national and international funding and how to utilise them, but

also training about Project Cycle Management to various public institutions in Manisa. Manisa

European Union Projects and Coordination Centre also responsible for raising awareness among

citizens about European Union at local level during the harmonisation period of Turkey. Furthermore,

it is a Eurodesk contact point which provides counselling and informing youth about the funding of

various opportunities to travel around Europe and get international experience. Manisa Valiliği, EU

Projects and Coordination Centre was founded to set up the needed substructure, prepare the public

for EU citizenship, to carry out activities which foster collaboration, communication and coordination

to help the citizens adopt and implement the acquiesces for EU member countries. Our

administrative mentality is based on local administrations’, public bodies’, private sectors’ and

citizens’ collaboration during the accession process to the EU. Moreover, it has enlarged its working

scope by having 17 district governorates establish project offices working under the Manisa Valiliği.

Vision: To take a leading and active part as a unit in sustainable local development. Mission: To

develop instruments which will motivate the citizens to fulfil the conditions to access to the EU during

the harmonisation process and implement them to contribute to the sustainability of the development

of Manisa. Manisa Valiliği has broad experience in national and transnational projects in the previous

programs. We finished with a local project concerning juvenile delinquency, crime against women

and drug addiction and funded by a regional development agency in Aegean Region last year. 130

seminars were held regarding juvenile delinquency and 7545 people most of which consist of

children were informed during these seminars. We would like to study this theme within an

international dimension in this project. Our coordinator took active part in that previous project.

However, we will have close relationships with research and counselling centre in Manisa. Manisa

Valiliği, EU Projects and Foreign Affairs Coordination Centre consists of one coordinator and four

project experts directed by a deputy governor.

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